You can connect your WooCommerce shop with RCUR to receive orders from your own webshop in RCUR. This way you can set up to start a subscription for certain products, so that recurring payments will be created automatically. Besides the WooCommerce plugin in your Wordpress website, no other plugin is needed.

How does it work?

  1. In RCUR, go to Settings > Integrations and fill in your website url (eq.
  2. Click on "Connect with WooCommerce" and approve to connect.
    If you don't get redirected to your webshop, make sure you've entered the website url correct
  3. In RCUR, go to products and create a new product
    - For recurring payments, choose as type "Subscription"
    - Enter a name that will be visible in RCUR for all new recurring orders
    - Enter the amount of the subscription product
    - In case of a subscription, also fill in the interval and optionally the number of times
    - Fill in the WooCommerce Product ID which you can find in the product overview in your WooCommerce below the product's name
  4. When a customer bought this product in your WooCommerce shop, RCUR will automatically create an order as well. When it is a subscription product, RCUR will create recurring orders based on the entered interval together with a recurring payment via SEPA Direct Debit.


The integration only works if the payment in your WooCommerce shop has been done via iDEAL, Bancontact or Sofort.

Make sure you have entered your Live API-key in WooCommerce, otherwise no recurring payments will be made in RCUR