Via RCUR it is possible to have the customer place an order. This is possible by creating a general payment link with the type "Order". Please note, this is not possible with payment links via the customer page.

To create a payment link you must first add products. After this you can link these products to a payment link.

If you activate the options "Without expiration date" and "Unlimited", an unlimited number of customers can place an order via this link.

Then add products in the 4th step.

If you activate the "Send e-mail" option on the "Extra options" tab, the customer will receive an e-mail after ordering. This e-mail can be adjusted in the RCUR settings.

The orders can be found in RCUR. When there are products with the type of subscription, recurring orders will be created. This is fully automatic. The recurring order will be created as soon as the status of the Mollie payment changes to paid or failed.