Automatic periodic collection is possible through a subscription. A subscription can be set in 2 ways and we explain below:

Via a payment link
Add a payment link directly via a specific customer, or via the general payment links page. Here you can choose type "Subscription". Complete all required fields and add the payment link. When the customer pays the first installment via this payment link, the subscription will then start automatically. Because the customer has to make a first payment (via iDEAL, Bancontact, SOFORT, Belfius, KBC or Credit Card), a mandate will also be added by Mollie. Through this mandate you can collect from the account / card.

By adding a subscription manually
To add a subscription to a customer manually, there must first be a valid mandate.

This can be done by first sending the customer a payment link with the type "Mandate". The amount of this payment link can be € 0.01 or higher. With this the customer verifies his / her account number.

You can manually add a mandate (account number) to be able to collect directly afterwards. Pay attention; this is not possible with the RCUR starter plan.

If there is already a mandate, the subscription can be added immediately.

RCUR uses the Subscriptions API from Mollie to add the subscriptions. Because of this, Mollie takes care of the recurring payments. For example, if it has been set that a monthly amount of € 5 must be collected and the subscription is started on 15 June, all recurring payments will also be on the 15th of the following months. If the date does not exist in a month, Mollie will start the collection on the last day of the month.

More information about the processing time of a collection payment can be found in the help center of Mollie: When are the collection payments processed and paid out?
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