How can I pre-fill the form?

You can pre-fill the form of a payment link by passing values via the query string in the URL.

For payment links with type one-off, subscription, one-off direct debit or mandate, the following parameters are possible:

  • first_name
  • last_name
  • name
  • email
  • iban (only for links with as type "one-off direct debit")
  • amount (only for links with an open amount)

You can place these parameters behind the payment link URL

?name=John Doe&

The full URL will then something be like: Doe&

Order payment links

Currently, it is only possible to preselect the products for order links. You can do this by specifying the hash of the product:


In this example, HASH is the unique ID of the product. This can be found on the products page.

After the = sign you need to enter the quantity. If you want to select multiple products you need to separate them with an &. Example of what this looks like:


Shipping costs do not need to be specified as they are automatically added to the order.

It is also possible to skip the first step directly, so that the customer can enter his/her data immediately. You do this by specifying an additional parameter:


The full url then looks like this:


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