Is a mandate an official authorization for SEPA direct debit?

There are two ways that result in a valid mandate (authorization):

  • A mandate with a "wet" signature. This is therefore signed with a pen.
  • A mandate with a digital authorization (via Digital Direct Debit Authorization).

Currently, neither RCUR nor Mollie offers integration with Digital Direct Debit Mandate. An iDEAL payment is therefore not an official method for issuing an authorization. However, it is widely used in practice and also offers a certain degree of security. We can say with a high degree of certainty that if someone can make an iDEAL payment as a first payment, that person has access to the account on which we are going to collect.

Should a dispute arise about the validity of the authorization, the consumer will always win in this case. Specifically, this means that it is possible for the account holder to execute a Unauthorized Direct Debit Report up to 13 months after the collection date.

If the customer is aware of the recurring payments, most likely no problem will arise. Therefore, always ensure good communication with the customer so that it is clear how much and how often you are going to collect.

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