How can I automatically send invoices?

To have invoices sent automatically, it is necessary to link an invoicing app to your RCUR account. Once you have done this, you can link a customer in RCUR to a contact in your invoicing system.

Link a customer to a contact:

  1. Go to customers and edit the relevant customer or add a new customer
  2. Choose an existing contact from the invoicing system or create a new one directly from RCUR
  3. Then open the customer and select "Add invoice". Note that this button is only visible if the customer is linked to a contact.
  4. Enter all the basic details of the invoice
    1. Description is only visible in RCUR
    2. If the first invoice date is today, a first invoice will be sent immediately
    3. For example, enter "1 months" at interval to automatically send an invoice every month
    4. If "Number of times" is left empty, invoices will be sent until you stop this in RCUR.
    5. If you choose to collect this invoice automatically, you must indicate whether the invoice is inclusive or exclusive of VAT. The direct debit payment will always include VAT.
  5. In the next step, add all invoice lines
  6. Add the invoice and RCUR will now automatically send the invoices for you.
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