How can I create templates?

New template

To create a completely new template, go to "Settings > Templates" and click on "Add template" at the top right.

  • Then first choose the type, which is standard on "e-mail".
  • Then choose the default language for this template. This will be used when the template has not been translated into the customer's language.
  • Enter a name that is not visible to customers. This name will be visible to choose the template when sending emails.
  • If you have chosen an e-mail template, you must also enter a subject. This will then be the subject of the email that will be sent.
  • Finally, it is the content of the template. This will be the email that will be sent, or the text that will be visible on the payment screen.

New translation for existing template

If you want to add a new translation to an existing template, click on the + icon behind the template. You can also add a new language when you are in the editing screen of the template, via the "+ Language" button at the top of the screen.

After this, select the desired language and also enter the subject (if applicable) and the content.

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