How can I receive orders via RCUR?

Via RCUR it is possible to have the customer place an order. This is possible by creating a general payment link with the type "Order". Please note, this is not possible with payment links via the customer page.

Do you want to use an invoice integration? Enable this first before adding products.

How do I create a orders payment link?

  • First you need to create products to sell. This can be done via the Products page in the menu left.
  • When adding a product, you can choose the type of product
    • One-time payment: This is just a one-off payment
    • Subscription: We will create recurring orders for this product
    • Shipping costs: This product will be added automatically to all orders (currently, only 1 per payment link possible)
  • After you've added your products, go to Payment links in the menu left and create a new link
  • Select as "Type" the Orders option and choose a description (also visible for customers)

  • When the e-mails feature enabled (in the right sidebar), you'll have to select the templates for when an order has been paid and completed.
    • Paid payment: The order has been paid by the customer
    • Order completed: The order has been marked as completed via the RCUR dashboard
  • Also select the templates for the checkout screen, that will be visible to the customer after the payment succeed or failed.
  • By default, all payment methods are enabled for the payment link. You can edit those by click on the "Payment methods" button at the bottom. Here you can also setup a fixed/variable fee per payment method
  • Next, click on the "Products" button to select the products you want to offer via this payment link. You can enable multiple products.

  • When the products are selected, you can create the payment link by clicking the green button.

Order checkout payment link example
Order Checkout payment link example
Step 2
Step 2
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