What is the function automatic follow-ups?

Via the "Automatic follow-up" function you can easily have failed direct debits automatically retried. This function is available from the expert plan.

How do automatic follow-ups work?

You can activate this via this function via the settings page. Here you can also set how you want to automatically follow failed collections. There are 3 options for following up a failed collection:

Try again via a new direct debit payment

When a collection has failed, a follow-up is created in RCUR. These can be found on the "Automatic follow-up" page. We will automatically try to collect from the customer again after 3 days. You yourself set how often we try this, with a maximum of 3x. If the payment is not successful after the 3rd time, the follow-up will fail.

Send an e-mail with a payment link

With this option we will only automatically send an email with a payment link the next day after the payment has failed. This e-mail can be adjusted to your own wishes via the "Texts & e-mails" settings. The customer can then easily pay via the payment link, and the follow-up will be "resolved" automatically.

Both options

You can also choose to do both. First we will try to collect the amount again (as many times as you have set). If this is still unsuccessful, we will send the automatic e-mail with the payment link.

Set a follow-up to "solved" manually? Which can! When you have solved it in a different way and no more follow-ups are needed, simply set this to solved. This is possible via the "Automatic follow-up" page. The Automatic Follow-ups are linked to orders and invoicing integrations. This means that orders and / or invoices are automatically paid as soon as a follow-up has been resolved. (Note: if you manually resolve a succession, there will be no automatic linking).

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