How can I manually create a Basic Mollie Subscription?

In order to be able to collect from a customer, a mandate must first be added. Find the customer in the customer list (or create a new customer first) and click on the relevant customer.

Then click on the "Add mandate" button to add a mandate (bank account).

Enter the name and IBAN number of the customer.

When the account number (mandate) has been added, it will be visible on the customer page. Then click on "Add subscription". Enter the amount, a description and how often to collect.

In this example we collect €5 every month and the subscription automatically stops after collecting 5 times. The first direct debit will be added by Mollie on the start date of the subscription. Add the subscription, and it will also be visible on the customer page. When the subscription has to be stopped, you can click on the cross behind the relevant subscription to cancel it.

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