How to create an Advanced Subscription?

Go to the Advanced Subscriptions page, and click on "Create subscription"

Then, choose a customer from the dropdown and the bank account/credit card. If there is no bank account/card added yet for this customer, you can follow the link shown to create one. After that, enter a description and select the start date. In the next step, you can enter the subscription rules so we know what and when to charge the customer.

In this example, we added a first rule with an amount of €5,- that will be charged on the 1st day of the month for only 1 time. The interval is in this case not relevant, since it is a one-off payment.

Because this rule is set to a "Number of times", it is possible to add another rule.

In this example, we now add a second rule, that will be set to "Continuous". Because it is a rule without number of times, you can't add new rules. On every first day of the month, an amount of €10,- will be charged until this subscription is cancelled via our dashboard.

The subscription will be active as soon as you add the rules and save it

Once you've added rules, click on "Save" below the subscription settings and the subscription will be set as active. The first charge date is calculated based on your first rule and the start date of the subscription.

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